The Studio


Heart and Soul. We believe that games can be more than just a pastime. In our main projects, all team members are personally involved, with everything that makes us tick. That’s how we create games that really have something to say.

Experiments. Game jams are the perfect opportunity for us to try new things in game development and learn from each other. During a game jam, we develop a whole game within 48 hours. Sometimes we come up with such great games that we continue to develop them after the jam is over and eventually release them to the market.

No Crunch. We want happy rabbits who look forward to working down the rabbit hole. We also believe that crunch destroys creativity and projects suffer as a result. That’s why we completely prevent crunch with good time and project management.


  • 2022-03 Nominee at the "German Video Game Award 2022" in the category "Best Prototype" with "Skuggor" [1]
  • 2022-01 Release of the serious game "Kibalou" in cooperation with the health insurance company "Techniker Krankenkasse" [1] [2] [3]
  • 2021-12 Funding for pre-production of "Skuggor" [1]
  • 2021-12 "Game Award Saar 2021" in the category "Best Prototype" with "Skuggor" [1]
  • 2020-12 Funding for prototype development of "Wüstenhase" [1]
  • 2020-12 "Game Award Saar 2020" in the category "Special Prize of the Jury" with "Skuggor" [1]
  • 2020-03 Funding for prototype development of "Skuggor" [1]
  • 2019-12 Foundation of battyRabbit UG
  • 2019-12 "Game Award Saar 2019" in the category "Best Founders" [1]
  • Before the Foundation Release of "Post-Exposure Prophylaxis" by Tobias Borns [1]
    Release of the pre-alpha "Paused" by Sebastian Krause, Julia Wolf, and others [2]
    Collaborative game-jam projects during our time at the university