About Us

battyRabbit was founded in Trier, Germany. We later moved to Saarbrücken shortly after. We founded our studio to create our own games and express our shared passion about game development, games as a media and all their possibilities.


Experiments. Every now and then we do internal jams during office hours (or with compensation).
Also every rabbit has the opportunity to experiment, improve and explore new things during office hours once a week.
We think getting ideas out there is an important process in game development as well as it helps to stay clear and focus on our core projects.

No Crunch. Crunch is something we avoid by improving our scheduling, time and project management after each iteration.
Crunch is also a main factor of dissatisfaction and leads to a culture we do not want in our studio.


  • 2021-01 Start of prototype "Wüstenhase" with regional games funding (Saarland Medien). [1]
  • 2020-12 Special Award for Skuggor Prototype at Game Award Saar 2020. [1]
  • 2020-03 Start of prototype with german games funding (BMVI). [1]
  • 2019-12 Foundation of battyRabbit UG
  • 2019-12 Founder Game Award 2019 from Sparkasse Saarbrücken [1] [2]
  • pre-Founding Several projects, game jams and other projects together