You like our projects?

Perhaps we can support you in realizing your project idea. With our experience in game development and specialization in 3D environments, we design interactive applications for our clients. This includes for example serious games, visualizations, simulations, and educational software. We offer our services for different platforms, such as web, mobile, desktop, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

We realize projects in short iterative development cycles. After each cycle, we evaluate the results with you as the client to ensure that all project specifications have been met. We develop your project from the first client meeting to release and offer support on request.

We follow an agile development approach that allows us to respond to change requests. During development, we go through the following steps:
  • Research Definition of requirements and analysis of similar applications
  • Concept Agreement on the type of application
  • Prototype Creation of an initial running version to visualize ideas and discuss how to proceed
  • Alpha Implementation of all planned features and testing on the target platforms
  • Beta Fully functional application, minor bugs fixes, and improvement of user experience
  • Release Publication on the target platforms
  • Support Maintenance and support in case of program errors or other problems