Like what you see?

We might be able to co-operate with you and your business on new projects.

With our experience and focus on 3D games we can create interactive applications like supportive learning applications and serious games for different kind of plattforms like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Web, Mobile Devices and Desktop.

We develop games in short iterative cycles as we refine with each step the game design, user experience and visual aspects of the game. We provide the full process of development from the beginning of the project to releasing it to the public.

During development we will go through the following phases, each aiming at improving the product and being able to pivot or integrated required changes on-the-fly.

  • Research Research similiar games, applications of the serious game and analyse key aspects of development.
  • Game Design Create a initial agreement on what kind of game we want to develop.
  • Prototype Development Creating a minimal running version of the product to visualize ideas and notice flaws in design early on
  • Alpha Expand development on features for complete application. Testing game on target platforms.
  • Beta Improve visual fidelity, usability and integrate test feedback.
  • Release Launch the application on the targeted platforms and maintaining it.