Paused is a 3D action-adventure about the natural desire to stay connected to our inner child. It is the tale of an otter named Thea. The core mechanic in Paused is the ability to slow down time to the point of total stop. This ability is called “Shimmer“ and is a metaphor of that sensation of time your had as a child. “Shimmer“ slows down objects gradually. Nearby objects are stopped in motion while the farther away an object gets the more normal its speed becomes.

We did programming and technical art on the team. We also created APIs and tools for the designers and gameplay programming, as well as an internal systemic gameplay framework (gameplay signals) for Unreal Engine.

Our main tasks were: gameplay programming, VFX, technical animation and 3D animation of enemies, and rigging of characters, project management, level scripting, API development for designers, procedural texturing, tool development. Additionally, some assets for prototyping were created by us.