About the Game

The app tells made-up stories in German, French, English, and Luxembourgish in a playful way at real locations in Trier and Esch. The stories were developed during the 2016/2017 school year by the students and teachers of the Escher Brill School and the Kurfürst-Balduin-Realschule in Trier. The Esch route focuses on the history of Luxembourg mining and the miners there. The Trier route is about a race between Karl Marx and Nero. In this story, the player is accompanied by Karl Marx and gets to know famous places in Trier. The player is supposed to discover the cities on foot and learn quite a bit about the history of the cities, which is told to him by the fictional travel guide in interactive dialogs. The geolocation function of the player’s smartphone is used to guide the player to significant sights, where interactive mini-games or dialogs with the travel guide take place.

In this project, we were responsible for programming, tool development, and parts of the visual design.